Darin Silverman

Darin Silverman’s budding career originated with a little screenplay called Secret Love Child. After writing it for nearly a year, Darin sent the script to a friend of a friend named Matt Loze, who was running a small representation house in the Valley. Matt let the script sit on top of a pile of unread work for months, then finally gave it a chance. When he finished reading it, he called his partner Geoff Brandt at three a.m. to say, “I’ve just read the best script in five years!”

Next morning, Matt and Geoff called Darin into their office. One of the first meetings Matt set up was between Darin and director John Harrison. Harrison was looking for a new writer to pen the first draft of Clive Barker’s Book of Blood. Their meeting was a full of instant chemistry—followed by many more, culminating in the screenplay Book of Blood, which they co-wrote. The screenplay was received with tremendous excitement by Jorge Serelegui and Joe Daily at Seraphim Films. The film was produced in 2008. More good news: Secret Love Child is in pre-production. And Darin is developing a half hour comedy for Fox television with Matt Loze.